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Our Projects

Assam: Improving Lives

A better future for the whole region

Together with the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) and UNICEF, we are involved in Assam through the project “Improving Lives” – and our goal is nothing short of that. Through various focal points, the programme improves the lives of around 250,000 women, girls and boys directly and indirectly in one of the world’s most significant tea-growing regions.

For the strong women of tomorrow

In Assam, 43 per cent of girls are married before they are 18. Many also move to the cities, where they are promised jobs that often prove to be exploitative. Therefore, in the first project phase, we taught skills to 35,000 girls to better protect themselves from violence, abuse and exploitation. In 350 girls groups, they bolster each other and actively promote social change. At the same time, 104 UNICEF child protection committees provide valuable awareness training about precarious migration and child marriage.

Improving all areas of life

After these achievements, the programme was expanded considerably and now encompasses other significant topics such as education, health and hygiene. In addition, the programme now also addresses boys because they can also significantly contribute to breaking down traditional gender roles. In close collaboration with local authorities, the initiative facilitates the construction of new secondary schools, connecting the tea plantations to the water supply, improving the sanitation system, and expanding health services. Through these projects, the initiative has reached more than one-quarter of Assam’s tea plantations and is the largest of its kind there.

Our achievements at a glance:

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girls have been empowered to protect themselves from violence and exploitation

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women, girls and boys benefit directly and indirectly from the programme

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of all tea plantations in Assam have been reached by the initiative’s projects

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