What we do

Our Meßmer, MILFORD, OnnO Behrends and Yasashi brands are our pride and joy. We present them to you here
To our brands

We see more in tea.

Tea is our passion. Therefore, we do everything in our power to draw the best out of it:

 Teacup-Icon More enjoyment and safety for our consumers.
Speachbubble-Icon More service and consultation for our customers.
 Teabag-Icon More innovations and trends for the market.
Plant-Icon More responsibility for the people who cultivate tea.

Well-positioned to meet our
customers’ needs

We draw on over 100 years of experience producing tea. Our brands are among the most-sold tea brands in Germany. We are also a reliable partner for our customers in the private label sector. For the out-of-home sector, we provide a tea selection to fulfil the needs of restaurants, hotels, bulk consumers, and catering. Beyond that, we develop tailor-made product concepts for corporate enterprises.