Our product stewardship

Our promise: quality and enjoyment

Classic or exotic, warm or cold, for on the go or at home: our tea assortment is just as diverse as the occasions when people drink tea. Despite different ingredients, origins and growing conditions, one thing always remains the same: we believe in the highest quality and product safety standards.

Hand picks tea.
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The highest standards thanks to OptiPro

With OptiPro, our comprehensive quality assurance system, we conduct extensive, multi-step monitoring and analyses of raw materials, ingredients and packaging materials. Regular random sampling already occurs during the cultivation stage to ensure the best possible quality of the raw ingredients. With this holistic view of the products, we not only guarantee adherence to German and European standards – we go above and beyond them.

Oliver Kunder

"Our quality assurance begins at the source. We maintain close contact with our raw ingredient partners and jointly develop methods for them to meet our high-quality standards. Once these ingredients enter the laboratory, we rely on state-of-the-art technology. Our products only enter the market once they have fulfilled all of our quality criteria."

Oliver Kunder, Head of Quality Assurance

Packaged with a clear conscience

As a food producer, our most valuable asset is the safety of our products. Only when our tea is safely packaged and protected can its flavour develop optimally, creating a unique taste experience. Safe packaging is also our contribution to ensuring that less food is disposed of and wasted. Our packaging's sustainability is just as important to us as its functionality. We want to increase the share of sustainable packaging materials further. We have already achieved a great deal:

Leaf-Icon a higher portion of renewable raw materials
Tea-Icon no metal staples on our tea bags and no cellophane packaging
PLA-Icon using the renewable raw material PLA instead of nylon for our pyramid bags
Supplychain-Icon bundling our packaging flows to reduce our CO2 emissions in the supply chain
Teabox-Icon minimising the amount of material used for our folding boxes
Recycling-Icon recyclable folding boxes containing a minimum of 60 % recycled material

Our goal: 100% sustainable raw ingredients by 2030

Over the last ten years, we have clearly and continuously increased the share of sustainable raw ingredients for our black, green, herbal and fruit teas, from 10% initially to 70% today. We have our sights firmly set on achieving 100 per cent by 2030. With Rooibos we have already achieved this goal.

Signed, sealed, certified!

To ensure the responsible production of our raw ingredients, we rely on proven certification organisations such as Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade and their standards. This cooperation has enabled us to significantly increase the share of sustainable raw ingredients over the last years.

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance

Rainforest Alliance works at the social and economic levels to achieve a more sustainable world by protecting nature and improving the lives of agricultural workers. Products marked with the Rainforest Alliance's frog seal are certified to meet the organisation's standards for sustainable agriculture or the UTZ Code of Conduct.



Fairtrade connects consumers, companies and producers and transforms trade through better prices for small-scale farming families and humane working conditions for plantation workers. The Fairtrade logo identifies products that originate from fair trade and fulfill defined social, ecological and economic criteria.


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