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How we operate

Our Sustainability Progress Report 2020–2022 is now available. Learn even more about our sustainability activities here.
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A clear conscience with every cup

The raw ingredients for our teas grow all over the world. For us, this makes it clear: our responsibility begins where our tea has its roots. That means with the people who harvest and grow it and the land on which it grows. We want to take responsibility along the entire value chain – right up to the cup in your hand.

A sustainable tea industry is our goal

We want to foster responsible conduct in the entire tea industry. That also means that we are making a considerable contribution to improving the living and working conditions of the people cultivating tea. We are very aware that this is only possible through strong solidarity and with reliable partners.

Family values determine our actions

We are a family business – part of our identity embodies a sense of responsibility for the next generation and sustainable business management. Values such as family, transparency, foresight, and humanity form the foundation for our staff's daily actions. Our sustainability strategy and our daily activities rest on three principles derived from these same values:

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Maintaining quality

We stand for transparency throughout the entire production process, high product safety and exceptional quality – secured through OptiPro, our quality assurance system. Our cultivation advisory service supports local producers in fulfilling our requirements, which are significantly higher than the already high legal quality specifications in the EU.


As a tea producer, we process natural ingredients every day; thus, an intact environment is very near and dear to our hearts and is essential for our business model. As a result, we advocate for the long-term protection of our natural environment, handle resources with care, and continuously reduce our energy consumption.


We want to be an attractive and family-friendly employer that supports its employees in achieving their full potential. Furthermore, we aim to sustainably improve the living and working conditions for the people at our tea's origin through aid projects and strong local partnerships.

OTG is a member of the 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders initiative



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Fifty companies from different industries have tasked themselves with taking a pioneering role in the fight against climate change. As leaders in their respective industries, these companies show which strategies and measures they actively employ to achieve a sustainable environment and inspire others to follow their positive examples.

Progress Report


Sustainability Progress Report 2020


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