Our Projects

Our commitment to people and nature

As a family business, we are committed to improving the working and living conditions of our employees, our fellow human beings in our home region, and also the tea farmers and their families in the countries of origin. In addition to relying on seals of approval and certifications, we are also committed to supporting specific local projects and have been working together with strong partners on diverse projects for many years.


Wells and water for families

Together with longstanding partners, we ensure a supply of clean drinking water for 1,000 small farmers and their families. The Mbire region is one of the largest growing areas for hibiscus, one of the most important ingredients for our fruit teas.

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Family in Assam


A better future for strong women

Together with the ETP and UNICEF, we have directly and indirectly improved the lives of around 250,000 women, girls and boys in Assam, one of the largest tea-growing regions in the world, since 2014.

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Building a tea industry that supports livelihoods

By establishing 200 Farmer Field Schools, we have equipped 6,000 small farmers in Malawi with the knowledge to build up a competitive tea industry. Based on the approach of helping people help themselves, income and livelihoods should be secured long-term.

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On-the-job safety of the highest standards

Together with one of our ingredient suppliers for herbal and fruit infusions, we are also involved in many small initiatives. In Bulgaria, we carried out safety training to better protect lime blossom collectors who often climb the trees without safety equipment.

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Preserving the ecosystem

An intact ecosystem depends on healthy bee colonies. Thanks to bees’ pollination flights, plants can grow over a wide area, and biodiversity can be maintained. Therefore, we have equipped small farmers in Paraguay with beehives and colonies. Aside from that, there are workshops on beekeeping, biodiversity and pollination services in the cooperative.

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Clean drinking water

To enable workers and their families access to clean drinking water, we have installed water treatment plants in two remote cultivation areas in Egypt.

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Active in our region

We are also active at home in metropolitan Hamburg, where we support specific initiatives. Through our Spethmann Foundation, we run our own projects that serve children, adolescents, and senior citizens and support differently abled people.

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