Our supply chain

Responsibility from the outset

To offer a diverse product range and continuous new taste experiences, we are dependent on raw ingredients originating from all over the world. More precisely, we use more than 200 different plant-based ingredients from over 90 countries.

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Raw Tea

Making a difference

Our commitment begins at the source of our products, which means with the people growing and harvesting our tea. Without their daily dedicated work, it would be impossible for us to create our tea. Therefore, we want our tea production to impact the people at the point of origin positively. To achieve tangible improvements in working conditions, we concentrate on concrete local projects.

Sustainable improvement at the source


We do not maintain our own tea plantations yet source the raw ingredients for black and green teas plus rooibos, for example, directly from suppliers in the countries of origin. The local challenges are highly complex and multilayered. They are often deeply rooted in the countries and frequently require political and overall societal change processes. It is a challenge for a relatively small purchaser like us with high ecological and social standards to convince producers of the necessity to make sustainable changes. That is why we prioritise long-term partnerships with local producers and suppliers we select according to strict criteria. Based on our social and environmental standards, we establish concrete guidelines and provide support to ensure their implementation.

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Our work on site: hand in hand with strong partners

To achieve even more influence, we combine forces with strong partners such as the Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP), London, which we joined as the first large German company in 2012. Today we actively steer the ETP's strategic direction through our participation on the board.

Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP)

The ETP is the only international non-profit organisation of its kind to specialise exclusively in tea. In cooperation with NGOs, governments, and trade unions, over 50 members strive to establish social and ecological standards in tea production, create transparency, and support the producers through initiatives such as specific training. Regional structures and an excellent network provide the ETP direct local access and ensure that support comes where it is needed.

Jenny Costelloe, ETP

"OTG is an important long-time member of the ETP and strongly committed to improving the social and environmental impact of tea. For example, OTG has been involved in the ETP-UNICEF "Improving Lives Programme". With the programme, we support an estimated 250,000 women, girls and boys in developing their full potential and reducing the risk of violence. Its reach spans more than 25 % of all tea estates in Assam, and it is the biggest programme of its kind there."

Jenny Costelloe, ETP

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Our projects

Our human rights declaration

Our supply chain stretches over numerous countries around the world. We only want to use raw ingredients and materials that have been cultivated, collected and produced without any human rights violations. We are aware that protecting human rights at our teas' source is of paramount importance. In our Declaration of Principles on Respecting Human Rights, we commit to fundamental governing principles and define how we fulfill our human rights due diligence.
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