Meßmer turns my moment into a special moment

With more than 100 tea varieties, Meßmer has been considered a specialist for extraordinary tea enjoyment for nearly 170 years. Day in and day out, our experts create unique blends for the most diverse preferences. In the process, they draw inspiration from different cultures and tea’s finest raw ingredients from around the world. Be it traditional tea classics, exotic flavour compositions or innovative product concepts for on the go – “Meßmer makes my moment into a special moment” and ensures a little bit of serenity in everyday life with every cup of tea. Utilising the best quality and innovative spirit, we have been able to win over a solid spot in the hearts of our customers and on the store shelves in many countries around the world.

Time for a cup of serenity

Because we take the time to savour the moment

We want to give you a moment of serenity with our tea – be it at the office, at home or on the go, in a cup warming your hand or the refreshing water bottle on the go. Serenity also means enjoying with a clear conscience. That is why we want to take on responsibility: for the people who grow and harvest our tea and in the way we use our resources. What do we do In concrete terms to achieve this? Approximately 70 per cent of our raw materials already originate from certified cultivation (e.g. UTZ, Rainforest Alliance). We want to increase this share - to 100 per cent by 2030.

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New varieties, super promotions or a delicious recipe? You can find information about our 100 Meßmer tea varieties and much more here.

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Are you looking for a particular tea variety? You can find the pack shots of Meßmer’s teas here.

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