MILFORD. Taste Happiness.

We don't just want to enjoy the positive things in life, we want to help preserve them with our teas. In addition to the classical beneficial herbal and fruit infusions, we also offer a range based on the traditional Ayurvedic style. Freely based on the Indian "knowledge of life", we rely on special spices and ingredients, which are also known in Ayurvedic cuisine and have a positive effect on our well-being.

Happiness is homemade. Our happiness depends on our daily thoughts, actions and, last but not least, on our nutrition. A cup of MILFORD tea contributes to more joie de vivre.

Our brand has a positive influence in all areas: For the taste, we carefully select the herbs, fruits and spices, thus ensuring intense and full-bodied flavour. For the eye, we provide an appealing, stylish and colorful design that is a special eye-catcher on the tea shelf. For people and nature, we source our products from Rainforest Alliance-certified farms, therefore contributing to a better future.


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