OnnO Behrends pack shot at the beach at East Frisia

OnnO Behrends – the classic East Frisian

This 130-year-old classic tea originates in nowhere other than Germany’s tea heartland itself – in East Frisia. On the island Norderney, the young Onno Behrends opened a store where he sold goods from all over the world alongside tea he packed himself. His exquisite tea compositions soon became extremely popular with the East Frisians. Even before the idea of branded products became known, Onno Behrends adorned his products with a unique image which remains until today.

A classicly strong East Frisian tea with deep roots in the region, whose popularity stretches far beyond its region of origin

One of the largest East Frisian tea companies arose from that original business. While much has changed since then, one thing remains: superior tea quality. OnnO Behrends combines decades-long proven brand quality with state-of-the-art technical expertise. That is how we became the first East Frisian tea brand to introduce a complete assortment made from sustainable raw materials. In terms of flavour, our tea impresses by blending many different varieties, with “Assam” playing the most prominent role. In this way, OnnO Behrends guarantees unforgettable tea enjoyment the East Frisian way!

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