Yasashi – simply special tea.

“Yasashi“is the Japanese word for “simple”. We think that “simple” is the new term for “more” in every aspect. Therefore, our brand, launched in 2020, is one thing above all: simple in its ingredients. They are 100 per cent natural. Yasashi’s list of ingredients is limited to only what counts: the tea. We are entirely transparent about the origin of our ingredients. Every single raw material is traceable to its origin. More transparency just is not possible – it is that simple.

Simple, because It is good for you and for the environment.

Yasashi’s ingredients are 100 % natural and traceable back to the source.

Given that organic is simply the logical choice today, we have had our organic brand officially certified. For our tea should not just be good for you, it should also be good for the environment. Therefore, it only makes sense that our cardboard canisters are sustainable and recyclable. We do not wrap our tea in tea envelopes or silk paper but simply pack it in pyramid bags made of renewable raw materials. Sometimes environmental protection can be so simple.


You can find more about Yasashi’s organic teas and the origin of the main ingredients here. Just give a simple click.

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Yasashi pack shots

You can find our pack shots here. Just give a simple click.

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